Donna Price

Vote on November 5, 2019:

Donna Price for Supervisor -Scottsville District

The representation Albemarle County needs is here with Donna Price.


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“Public service is my life…."

And with forty years of community, state, and national service, I know what it means to serve. I am a retired Navy Captain who dedicated 25 years of active-duty service to the United States through service in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, where I served as a prosecutor, defense attorney and criminal trial judge. I was responsible for all personnel and medical issues affecting the U.S. Navy before Congress and was the commanding officer of the largest legal office in the Department of the Navy.

After retiring from the Navy, I served as a Senior Vice President of a healthcare provider and have been engaged in the private practice of law helping save the jobs of military service members, government employees, and government contractor employees. I have served in countless leadership roles in the Virginia State Bar, non-profit organizations, local election boards, and the Episcopal Church.

As an active-duty member of the Navy, I was stationed overseas on multiple occasions as well as all over the United States. I bring the advantage of having lived in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Central Virginia, setting deep roots in my permanent home in this “magical” place in the middle of the Scottsville District. Here, I am rebuilding a home that was first constructed in 1754 on property going back to a Colonial Land Grant. In picking Scottsville, I was drawn to the history, legacy, and culture as well as the diversity of the district - from the suburban developments in the north, to the wineries, historic estates and farms throughout, and to and the James River in the south where the Town of Scottsville, not only serves our District, but is centrally connected to our neighboring counties and communities.

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Focus Areas of Donna’s Platform

I want to bring a voice to those whose voices have been silenced or otherwise not heard; to represent everyone in the District; to build consensus so that everyone knows that their concerns have been fully heard and considered in reaching every decision with transparency and fairness; always focusing on the greatest good for the largest number of people.


Affordable, sustainable, housing is a critical component and foundation of success in life


Expansion of High Quality pre-K Education, Increased Allocation of Funding for public schools, and Make the Schools a Safe Space


Protecting the natural beauty and resources of the Scottsville District


Improve the Quality of the Scottsville District Roads, Bridges, and other Infrastructure Needs


Attracting businesses to improve the economic viability of the Scottsville District residents


Access to preventive health care needs and affordability for emergency services


APRIL 2019

Price was the only registered Democrat in the Scottsville District to meet Thursday’s filing deadline. - Daily Progress

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